A colour that weaves together shades of ice, green, fresh water, snow: mint green is one of the most popular shades, even in the most sporty outfits. What better combination than white, to bring out a delicate but at the same time bold and striking shade like this. 

The boot leg, proposed in mint colour with the all-white shoe, in stark contrast, sport a series of details - such as the logo and the 4 adjustable and replaceable micrometric levers - in black. An absolutely refined combination to highlight the numerous technical details that characterise one of the most successful boots on the world motorbike scene. 

Created to guarantee style and performance to Gas Gas Team, in reference to the trendy colouring of the latest racing suits, Sidi has chosen to respond to the numerous requests by dedicating a Limited Edition to the shade worn by the great champions on the track.

Inspired by the ability of this colour to conquer the tastes of most, the new edition of the Crossfire is ready to amaze, as well as provide a chic and original atmosphere on the track. 

Starting in April, this fresh and stylish Limited Edition of the boot that is not afraid to be daring will be available at Sidi's best shops.

The characteristics of the Crossfire 3 SRS

The Crossfire 3 SRS respond to the most specific needs of riders thanks to technological details such as the Hyper Extension Block, which is crucial for safeguarding riders' ankles and tendons; the Flex System, on the other hand, acts on the boot's flexibility while the Adjustable Calf System adjusts the boot's cuff, allowing the boot's opening to be widened or narrowed through simple adjustments, guaranteeing a comfortable fit.

The boot cuff includes a replaceable inner PU boot guard plate with moulded rubber insert, responsible for protecting the leg from engine heat while extending the life of the boot by limiting wear and tear. 

The removable and replaceable DOVETAIL SOLE SRS - also available for enduro - is made with the aim of ensuring perfect grip on the bike and on the ground, thus guaranteeing safety and comfort.