A unique design for a highly innovative product: the new Shot 2 DZero and MTB Tiger 2 SRS DZero are a tribute to its founder Dino Signori. In sixty years, with his tireless and charismatic personality, he has risen the company to the top of the sporting world by working with high-caliber athletes in both cycling and motorcycling. 

These new shoes tell of a reality deeply anchored in the territory where Sidi was born and where small-great excellences of Made in Italy footwear are still conceived, studied and produced. The design reflects the dynamic spirit of Dino Signori with his most famous exclamations in Venetian dialect-jokingly addressed to athletes and employees, which remain etched in the minds of those who hear them. The phrases are a summary of the company's philosophy that has always valued its roots to develop innovative technologies, ranging from expressions of wonder to other ones that convey the firm desire to continue to develop its specialization in footwear.

Thus, it is that the Sidi DZero, with a modern and lively style, summarizes moments from everyday life on an upper produced with the innovative Bio Veg material as it tells of Sidi's commitment to preserving the environment and respecting it. 

Not just any upper, then, but a real gem produced with materials from processing industrial waste and an all-natural, biodegradable cornstarch coating. The insole is also made partly from cotton and partly from 95 percent recycled PU, while the packaging employs vegetable dyes and a paper - FSC certified - used for the packaging that wraps the shoes, the box and the new technical booklets. 

All 100 percent recyclable in a symbolic link between tradition and a sustainable future. 

The phrases on the upper:

PORCA MATINA It expresses wonder.  It is used in situations that call for a WOW at any time of the day. 

PROVA MO PROVA When Mr. Dino worked as an employee and had to consult with his boss on the performance of a job, the latter would tell him "prova mo prova": he had to try himself to do it. He also adopted this system with his employees in Sidi. Its meaning then is that in order to succeed in doing something you have to try and try again.  

TE DEVI FAR QUEL CHE TE SI BON DE FAR Dino began as a craftsman and shoemaker - skills and knowledge that he honed over time and led him to create Sidi. He never wanted to diversify his production because producing footwear is what he specialized in. This has become a business philosophy.  

TE FIRMO NA CARTA CHE NO SE POL FAR It is a saying when he is convinced that something cannot be done and is willing to sign a paper to prove it.  

QUESTO ACIDO LATTICO SE MAGNA? It represents Dino's strong personality and his playful way of doing things. Having been an amateur athlete, when it comes to "lactic acid" he says he has never suffered from it and jokingly asks if it is something edible.