Shot 2S is a true concentration of technology, lightness and elegance, now in a new design with clean lines for one of the top products in the range, one of the most chosen by professionals. 

The exclusive matt finish enhances its winning character, while the side graphics echo the slanted design of the perforations on the upper. The innovative high-intensity resin rotor, designed in collaboration with the pros and strategically positioned away from the areas that are most exposed to contact, contributes to better handling when riding in groups.

The C-Boost SRS sole, with a stiffness rating of 10, is designed to channel all the energy generated during the thrust phase. Made entirely in Italy, it uses interlaced carbon fibre and interlaminar electro-nano-fibre reinforcements to maintain uniform stiffness. The special shape of the metatarsal area also allows for greater power transmission to the pedals, with the support needed for every action. 

Developed in collaboration with world-class cyclists, the Double Tecno-3 Push Flex is strategically placed on the instep to be protected in the event of a crash or fall and out of the way of other riders. The rotor, which is available in an elegant 'tone-on-tone' finish, is fitted with a Dyneema® cable that offers unparalleled resistance to cuts and abrasions, minimising the risk of net breakage. 

A special BioVeg microfibre, made from waste materials, adds a touch of class to this model. To provide a superior experience, all skin-contact materials have been designed to focus on racing. 

The Shot 2S integrates with the foot to such an extent that the patented adjustment system allows for a perfect and comfortable heel fit.

The new Shot 2S aesthetic evokes speed, precision and excellence, all qualities of shoes that have always been ready to meet the needs of professionals.