The MTB TIGER 2S changes its look without changing its mission: designed for professional athletes, Transmits all muscle power while providing extreme comfort to keep the mind focused on the course. It is a high-end race-oriented shoe that is minimal, light and stiff enough to deliver high performance even on the roughest terrain.

Like all Sidi products, the MTB Tiger 2S is designed for long life and countless trails. The raw materials have been selected from the best available in the footwear industry. All components are completely interchangeable and replaceable.

Precise and resistant, Sidi's patented closure features an innovative high-intensity resin rotor with a Dyneema® cord that offers unrivalled resistance to cuts and abrasions, minimising the risk of net breakage. Designed with the help of professionals, the lightweight and reliable rotor has been strategically positioned away from the most exposed areas. 

The MTB SRS Carbon sole exploits the qualities of woven fibres with interlaminar electro-nanofibre reinforcement for energy transfer, The SRS technology also allows all the inserts to be replaced to maintain maximum sensitivity at all times and ensuring even greater off-road performance 

A patented adjustment system in the heel provides a precise and personalised fit, making the shoe and foot one for added stability and security. The rubber heel and toe are also reinforced to avoid deforming after prolonged pressure.

Finally, all parts in direct contact with the skin are designed for a superior experience. The upper is soft and resistant thanks to BioVeg microfibre made from vegetable fibres.

The MTB Tiger 2S is available in three colours: Deep Teal/Black, Titanium/Black and Black.