The XPower SC promises lightness, extreme comfort and durability for any adventure. The impeccable fit combined with the extreme safety and grip of this model are the ideal combination to accompany riders on fearless excursions, also thanks to the Vibram sole specifically designed to be compatible with all terrains.  

In order to offer the rider maximum safety, the cuff and foot have high-density inserts for exceptional protection. A detail positioned on the calf area also ensures greater proximity to the bike, improving riding sensitivity and providing optimal grip and thermal protection. 

Thanks to the use of high quality microfibres and the special wraparound construction of the boot, the X Power SC fits the rider's leg perfectly and offers support. Meanwhile, strategically placed flex points allow ample room for movement and freedom while maintaining a high level of safety. 

An anti-hyper-extension system also protects the foot from excessive movement by instantly locking the boot and protecting the joints. This technology is positioned at the ankle and at the back of the boot at the heel.

The Vibram rubber sole provides the optimum balance between softness and rigidity which is required by the world of motocross. The increased tread thickness is the result of numerous studies on the durability of the rubber and the protection of the foot from the pedal. 

Four interchangeable micrometric levers with adjustment memory and a toothed belt ensure correct and personalised closure.

Available in six colours: White/Navy/Red, Black/Red, Black/Black, Black/White, Black/Grey, Grey/Grey, all will soon be available in the best motorcycle shops and ready for countless adventures you'll be going on.