A combination of black and white cannot but evoke sophistication and class. Although these colors are exactly the opposite of each other, they always blend very well together. That’s why Sidi created a new special version of the Atojo SRS with a unique look, where contrasts bring about a sense of total fusion. 

The eye-catching appeal of this boot perfectly matches with these versatile and timeless shades, ensuring a never predictable look.  Nothing can go wrong with the limited edition that will make motorbike rides absolutely pop! 

Sidi Atojo SRS in a nutshell

This boot was developed to meet the tough demands of champions, designed to help pilots obtain the best feeling with their motorcycles and provide optimal driving precision.
The uppers are produced in Technomicro, which is resistant against water, scrapes and cuts. The closure mechanism was studied to be effortless, with 3 levers that function independently from one another. Protection is guaranteed by a front panel in anatomically shaped PU and, in terms of comfort, three systems prevent hyper-extension in the foot. 


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