When at twenty-two you are considered the future of world motocross, it cannot be a coincidence. Jorge Prado - born in 2001 - had already won two MX2 World Championships and this weekend he wrote his name in the MXGP world championship roll of honour.

At just three years old, Prado demonstrates a champion's nature in facing the difficulties that every undertaking requires. Also this season, he has been able to measure his strengths with consistency and a clear objective in mind. Not the fairy tale one would have expected for such a happy ending but a journey made up of challenges that are not always easy.

A story of redemption from the injuries suffered in recent seasons that demonstrates how growth and tenacity are as important as talent. With two GPs remaining in the championship, faced wearing Crossfire 3 SRS, the boot chosen by the new world champion, Prado has only won two Grands Prix but his constant control over the gap allowed him to achieve his objective. Race after race, management proved to be a real challenge within the challenge that helped fuel his competitive spirit. Not only action but also calculation and strategy.

A season made up of "challenging weekends" as Jorge himself declared in Arnhem, and moments that were not always optimal as he explained after the Loket GP "It wasn't an easy Grand Prix for me, I didn't feel at my best but happy to leave with a podium.” With the optimism that distinguishes it. Focused on the championship but still committed to trying to win at every opportunity.

Resistance and mental strength have undoubtedly played an important role in this journey towards the championship which has demonstrated how a season can be transformed into a lesson in sporting and personal growth.

Thanks from the whole Sidi team.

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