The Crossfire 3 SRS has always been Sidi's most versatile and adrenaline-pumping boot, made with a specific selection of materials that are among the best in the sports footwear industry, and composed of interchangeable elements designed to last a very long time.

Chosen by the most demanding professional motocross riders, with numerous victories at international level, it has been designed to support the athlete at all times, guaranteeing safety and total freedom of movement at performance level.

Support, protection and ergonomics are the three key words of the Crossfire 3 SRS, designed to enhance the rider's potential in action and to reach new heights. Its unique construction makes it the perfect product to meet the needs of those who constantly seek new challenges and goals, adapting perfectly to each individual.

Rigid, yet flexible enough to allow full body function, it incorporates a concept never before seen in a motocross boot. This is an anti-hyper-extension system that prevents dangerous movements and offers complete freedom of movement for optimal riding.

Four adjustable straps and a calf adjustment system provide additional comfort, while an invisible shield that covers the foot and calf area protects and maintains a structured flex, allowing the boot to continue to flex naturally. The shin and tibial plateau are also adjustable for a perfect fit. 

Lastly, the sole uses another technology called SRS, which allows the sole to be replaced in just a few minutes with the simple use of a screwdriver. 

There are 11 colours in the new SS24 collection, all of which highlight the technology and details of the Crossfire 3 SRS: White/Petrol, Army/Black, Grey/Blue/Black, Black/Ash, Grey/Black, Black/Black, Red/Red/Black, Grey/Red/Black, Red/Red, White/White, Black/White.