Created to satisfy the most demanding climbers, the Wire 2S are the shoes for those who want maximum stability and all the power they can muster. 

Completely re-conceived in terms of design and aesthetic details, the Wire 2S introduce a technology that has recently been incorporated into the Treviso brand's models. This is Firmor, a guarantee of foot stability in any situation, even the most demanding. This system, which is highlighted in this model by a special pattern in conjunction with the central part of the foot, is one of the components that contribute most to providing the cyclist with optimal lateral support. 

Confirming Sidi's commitment to researching and selecting the best possible materials for the production of sports footwear, all the components of this model are interchangeable in order to resist the passage of time and wear and tear as much as possible. 

The double rotor, a result of years of constant work and the philosophy of durability, is, as usual, moulded in high-density resin and fitted with a Dyneema® string. This fibre, the strongest in the world, minimises cuts, abrasions and the risk of net breakage. The closure also offers maximum adjustment, even on the move, for a personalised fit through a micrometric system. 

The Vent Carbon sole, ventilated and ultra-light, has been designed to increase propulsion thanks to the use of pure carbon fibre. With a stiffness level of 12, it offers just the right amount of flexibility for athletes looking for maximum pedalling stability. 

The TechPro upper provides an extra snug fit for extra support during high-intensity efforts, while the adjustable heel prevents barefoot pedalling and the Soft Instep at the front distributes pressure evenly to complete a model with new, clean lines.  

Available colours: Anthracite - Black, White/Black, Blue, Black.