The giant in the mist
Alto de L’Angliru

It is said that there is always fog on the Angliru. It is a climb like no other, both in terms of the enormous difference in altitude and the dramatic panorama that forms the backdrop to this hellish ascent.

The helpless riders face many kilometres with almost no visibility, blind curve after blind curve, reminding themselves how difficult it is to find the strength when you cannot see the summit. Once again, Landismo has hope when there doesn't seem like any, Mikel honours the Asturian days by persevering with the best, that keeps people dreaming in this lost corner of the world.

The law of the mountain
Pola de Allande - La Cruz de Linares

The final week has no respite.

On a stage that must be considered the queen, the breakaway had its moment of glory. Egan Bernal returns to his natural environment: climbs and ramps that remind him that, despite everything, he has been ready for this type of terrain since childhood. When he hits the pedals, it's also to prove to himself that everything will be the same, it's all uphill, but he and the mountains have always had an understanding. The road still awaits him.

The courage to dare
Manzanares El Real - Guadarrama

There are days when you have to have the courage to make an escape, to find the right moment, the moment when someone steps out of the group.

When Marc Soler enters the day's action, he knows that it is the right one, that he can make it. He plays his instinctive rider card, and the public likes it, because he excites them, because he is as uncontrollable and crazy as cycling wants him to be. In the end, success is the last - and most fortunate - of a series of attempts.

Light at the end of the tunnel


Madrid at sunset is an image of light and shadow on the track, where the final hours of the race are consumed in a flash, with only the desire to reach the end - finally - of three weeks so intense that they become unforgettable. Fatigue, tiredness, pride, melancholy: all this is the arrival, all this is the evening in the city as the sun goes down, along with the last great lap of the season.