Time friend, time foe

The time trials are key stages in the race, like those in a detective story. Where the culprit is discovered, the plot can change in incredible ways, with unexpected twists and surprises we never thought we would see. Just like the time trials, moments when you have a tailwind or you don’t, moments when you can win or lose a race. The start of the final week is a triumph for some and an ordeal for others, seconds ticking away, becoming minutes, closer or further down on the GC in the space of an hour.

The Pirate’s flight

Courchevel, the highest point of the Tour, is one of the places forever linked to Marco Pantani, who celebrated one of his greatest victories here, the last victory on earth of a champion who is still living on the roads of cycling. Here comes the lone breakaway, testimony to the fact that the mountain calls its chosen ones, who know how to attack from a distance and give everything, even enduring the deepest pain, to reach the loftiest summits of sacrifice.

The last dance in the mountains
Le Markstein Fellering

The last climbs, the last views of the Alps and all the people who gather around their idols. Cycling reaches its peak intensity in the final hours of the Tour de France. As the thrilling duels approach their grand finale a line of fans follows them up to the end, exchanging farewells. And the efforts of Adam Yates to secure the coveted place on the podium, conquered with unwavering perseverance, a quality that makes great champions in the most unexpected situations.

The Golden Paradise
Avenue des Champs-Élysées

Paris and the Arc de Triomphe, that's the scene everyone's been waiting for: three weeks filled with agony, triumph and challenge. The final, epic stage of one of the most exciting Tours de France in recent years will end in the most classic of ways, against the backdrop of the city that has inspired artists and writers for centuries. Bohemians look at Paris as the riders now see it: a haven of peace following dark days. Adam Yates gazes out at the crowd from the third step of such a prestigious podium, where everyone wants to look out at the world. As the sun bids farewell to the race, epic storytellers already narrate it for generations to come.

Our Tour de France has been a wonderful journey of emotions and stages to the last breath. 

Starting with Adam Yates' stunning stage win and yellow jersey on the first day, tenacity and talent were rewarded with a third podium place in Paris. To Pello Bilbao's win in Issoire, Michal Kwiatkowski in Grand Colombier and three riders in the GC top 10 at the end of stage 21.

Grazie ragazzi! 

Mont Blanc - Courchevel: tips for tackling one of the toughest and breathtaking  stage of Le Tour de France 2023

The 17th stage of the Tour de France, one of the most demanding, covers 166 kilometres from Mont Blanc to Courchevel, with four climbs totalling 5000 metres in altitude and the presence of the highest peak of the Tour, the Souvenir Henri Desgrange at 2304 metres.

It is the latter that those who want to tackle the route will have to pay particular attention to: the Col de la Loze is a never-ending climb, more than 28 kilometres long, with an average gradient of 6% and a double-digit gradient in the finale. 

The choice of gear is crucial: if you don't have the legs of a pro, we recommend a compact crankset with a 36 front sprocket (although 34 would also be useful) and a nice 32 or 34 as the maximum rear sprocket.

Of course, sun protection, hydration, a cape and clothes to protect you from the temperature difference between the start and the finish, as well as proper nutrition, remain fundamental to enjoying the route to the full and admiring the view from above once you reach the summit.