According to the fashion trends, the colours for next year draw on a rich palette that symbolizes optimism to welcome 2021 in the right spirit. Along with the colours that relate to nature, a dazzling gold – in all its shades – still plays an undisputed leading role. Sidi has chosen to launch an exclusive limited edition colour for its new Sidi Shot 2. A metal-shaded gold will make every ride unique in terms of style and performance.

The slender structure of Shot 2 fits perfectly this semi-iridescent hue that has the power to make even the most grey winter days shine. A one-of-a-kind that cannot be missing in a cyclist’s collection.

The features of Sidi Shot 2 in short.

SHOT 2 are highly performing shoes characterised by a great response in the pushing phase. Lightness, comfort, and design are further enhanced. The new integrated heel box is even lighter and reinforced so as to prevent any deformations after efforts and extended pressures. The new “C-BOOST SRS” sole made with state-of-the-art carbon is characterised by a special shape of the metatarsal area that allows for greater power transmission on the pedals. The shoe has the “Double Techno3 Flex” closure system to eliminate completely the area of pressure on the instep and greatly improve the sensation of closure, besides requiring a smaller leaning surface on the tongue of the shoe.

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