MTB Speed 2 are shoes with a reactive soul, designed and tested to be efficient even and especially on the most difficult terrain. Designed to last, thanks to the quality of the materials used and the numerous interchangeable parts, they provide a particularly fast and efficient fit that makes even the roughest trails a pleasure.

With their clean design, MTB Speed 2 feature the Aerolite sole, whose aerodynamic shape and lightness make it ideal for maximising pedalling comfort. The nylon and carbon fibres used in its manufacture, specifically conceived for mountain bikes, make this sole both stiff and soft, making it perfectly balanced and suitable for routes that require extra grip.  

The precise, quick and interchangeable fastening system, which micrometrically adjusts the entire length of the shoe, makes this model suitable for off-road adventures. The upper is also soft, light and durable, contributing to a unique experience by fitting perfectly to the shape of the foot, an essential feature for overcoming the many challenges that an off-road route constantly presents. 

The stabilising heel structure underlines the careful choice of materials and production techniques - the result of an ever-evolving process that has been lasting for over 60 years. An imperceptible and hidden technology that helps to keep the foot more stable while cycling.

Available in three colours, the MTB Speed 2 are fast, efficient and durable, tested for the roughest terrain and built to last through countless off-road adventures.