The MTB Dust Shoelace have been designed to meet the needs of the most technical dirt riders, and offer the ideal solution for riding on rough and gravel terrain. Practical, comfortable and high performance, these shoes feature a lace-up closure that gives this version a retro yet contemporary aesthetic.

The laces not only ensure a stable, even and customised fit, but are also reflective, helping to signal the rider’s presence on the road by increasing visibility.

The stylish matte microfibre upper is made from premium materials that protect and resist scratching and tearing, while offering an extremely comfortable fit. The reinforced rubber toe also provides extra protection against potential impact.

The SR17 sole is lightweight and made from nylon to deliver the right balance of flexibility and stiffness that's essential when riding on gravel. The PU inserts enhance traction, ensuring a firm and secure grip on the pedals, as well as helping to dissipate mud.

Ideal for off-road rides, MTB Dust Shoelace offer pedalling efficiency and comfort in any situation.