FInding the moment I fell in love with the bike is very hard, I can’t really find a watershed: it has rather been a long journey that is still underway. My family has definitely helped me a lot in this respect; I have always been surrounded by sportsmen and cyclists: mom and dad, aunts and uncles… They certainly set an example for me.

I spent all my childhood on the bike: the summers, the weekends, the afternoons once school was over. I was in the saddle all the time, and it is quite incredible that I am still keen on it. And yet, I have a memory that has remained unchanged and still reminds me why I’ll always be riding a bike. 

I was ready for the last race in the U12 Championship. I was eleven or twelve and I came up to the start line riding the Graziella vintage bike, my granny’s gift when I was very young. It had such tiny wheels! I wore the jersey of the province’s champion that my uncle had won a week earlier, an XL jersey hanging down to my knees. All my  “fellow riders” had 26 inch wheeled bicycles, of course, and were ready to fight until the final lap, as if we were in a world championship. I was riding my doohickey, with one aim: to show off and have fun. The organizers and the spectators were incredulous and amused. It goes without saying that I manage to stay in the wheel of the slowest rider just in the first lap.

I have always been a very competitive guy, too much at times, but having fun has always been my priority. Since that race, I have always looked for that magical formula both in the saddle and in life. I have found out that, with a touch of madness, things can work better.

When I was fourteen, I shifted to another discipline: enduro, a discipline imbued with a fascinating aggregating spirit and fun. From that moment on, everything has evolved fast. I started to attend important races, to travel and compete abroad, the contracts, my Youtube Channel… and I still don’t know where the bike will take me!

In short, I believe that my bond with the bike can be called ‘love at first sight’!


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