A brand is the story it tells. Since its foundation back in 1960 by the visionary Dino Signori, Sidi has made experimentation its mantra. Over the years, many champions have contributed to writing pages of success in cycling and motorcycling, recognising in patents and footwear design not only technical but also cultural innovation, touching on ways of conceiving action and shaping difficulties in favour of performance. The Maser-based company's design, materials, knowledge and craftsmanship have influenced the technological growth of the sport and have marked its eras to this day. 

"A lot has changed over the years," explains Dino Signori. "And our company has always kept up with the changes, while maintaining the classic imprint of the approach without intermediaries. Before glory, sport is hard work, commitment, renunciation - important values that Sidi has shared with its athletes since its inception. In spite of our international reputation, we have remained a family business that focuses on craftsmanship, quality and a genuine relationship with our consumers. 

The design

At Sidi, ideas have always been the pivot on which the brand philosophy revolves. All innovations have started from the development of an intuition, the result of experience but also of the ability to intercept what was required in the race.  

Today, these new ideas stem from the right mix of feedback from athletes, market requirements and the needs of fans. This is where the sketches come from; they are seen and revised to take care of the technical and aesthetic aspects down to the smallest detail. The most demanding challenges are undoubtedly those of the models that present new technologies with countless tests and prints to be carried out in order to achieve a perfect result. 

In the brainstorming sessions, the values taken into account have always been the same for sixty years: passion, sportiness, quality, well-being, and craftsmanship. 


Over the years, Sidi has become a real benchmark in the sector in terms of craftsmanship. Even today, despite the fact that assembly is completed almost exclusively by machinery, the human being is still fundamental in the company. The manufacture is followed at every step, monitoring the production phases and perfecting the details in a unique way that no machine could ever replicate. In production, man and machine work in unison and the latter use new generation technologies, optimising production thanks to their precision. We are talking for example about the cutting machine that facilitates modifications, operating on a specific design without having to make the mould, or the new automatic carding machine that allows millimetric corrections in an accurate and fast way. 

Competition DNA

The bond between Sidi and its team of athletes has always been very intense and fruitful. Denis Favretto, who is in charge of maintaining relations with the teams and riders in the company, explains that under normal conditions - without the restrictions caused by the pandemic - the relationship between the two parties is very direct. In the hotel, at the start of the race or in the HQ in Maser: the occasions for a confrontation are the most varied and play an important role in product testing.

"We treasure all the information that comes from the athletes," explains Denis Favretto. "This information is evaluated and, if necessary, introduced as an improvement or adjustment in subsequent products. For example, it recently happened, for some details of the new Shot 2, that a road test by the athletes led to the improvement of an internal component and increased the comfort of the foot."

One of Sidi's strengths is precisely this, the adaptability of the technology to any type of requirement and conformation. If the shoe is a fundamental component to guarantee high performance to an athlete, it must be almost sewn on the characteristics of the wearer.

Customer care 

There is a relationship of complicity and trust between Sidi and its customers. The brand has always spoken not only to consumers, but to enthusiasts who share love for two wheels. 

"Having the possibility to dialogue with the customer in a direct and unfiltered way is a great opportunity" explains Giulia Collavo, Marketing Manager at Sidi. "In 2020 we opened an email completely dedicated to customer care where the user can take advantage of a personalized channel to ask for advice or any other kind of help. We respond personally to the messages we receive and this allows us to get to know our community better." 

Well aware of the company's heritage, Sidi's communication keeps pace with the social era, making the most of all the communication channels to tell its story and make the relationship with the customer even stronger.

"Three generations in one company make an explosive trio," says Giulia. "Dino Signori is the reference figure and our guide. He channels the energy of our young minds who have new ideas and who exploit the latest channels available for new business developments. The middle generation has the difficult task of balancing tradition and modernity. Our wealth of experience is very important for the history of the company, it defines our roots and the character of the Signori family."