Shot 2 is instinct meeting the technique, the flicker with which the champions attack on the big mountains, an instant that decides everything.

The Sidi Shot 2 incorporates the lines the riders love so much while also being even more performing in the pushing phase. It is created to overcome the limits, exactly like Sidi has been doing for sixty years. The creativity and continuous research for improvement, which is intrinsic in Sidi’s DNA, sparked by its passion for cycling and its focus on the riders’ wellbeing, have guided this new version that promises comfort and elegance at the highest levels.

Evident innovations and essential technical features of this new version are, undoubtedly, the new integrated heel box which gives a sophisticated line to the back part, the new “Double Techno3 Flex” dial, and the new “C-BOOST SRS” sole made of cutting-edge carbon.

The new “C-Boost SRS” outsole stems from putting together C, that stands for the Carbon chemical element, BOOST which implies push and support, and SRS, i.e. Sole Replacement System.

The special shape of the metatarsal area allows for greater power transfer on the pedals and ensures an ideal support. New oval holes, with extra ± 5 mm adjustment, remarkably increase the possibility of positioning the cleat. Its position can be then memorized through the usual applied millimetric scale. The carbon parts that are more likely to wear out are protected by special SRS Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane (TPU) inserts with steel screws that have the task to decrease deterioration and, at the same time, to extend the duration of abrasion-resistance in walking. The inserts are also integrated with breathing holes that enhance the breathability in the sole.

The UPPER is made with a technological and innovative TechPro microfiber, completely produced in Italy. Its features - lightness, stability and waterproof - makes it an ideal material to be used in technical and sports gears that require high performing levels.

The fabric lining allows for good breathability by creating an ideal microclimate within the shoe. The upper, perfectly fitting the foot without causing any uncomfortable compressions, contributes to limit the movement in any condition of pushing.

The new “Double Techno-3 Push Flex” dial has been fully made in the R&D department at Sidi with the valuable cooperation of sponsored athletes. This system has completely removed the area of pressure on the instep and has substantially improved the feeling of closure, besides requiring a smaller bearing surface on the shoe tongue. 

It has a system of central flexion that can adapt to different needs and foot shapes of the riders, without creating any areas of excessive pressure. Just like its predecessors, it ensures micrometric adjustment, speed of closing/releasing the tension, and is easily replaceable.

The integrated heel cup features a new design, being lighter and strengthened, so as to avoid all deformation after sustained efforts and pressures. Thanks to its anatomically shaped structure, it stabilizes and supports the foot during pedalling, while its reflex inserts provide greater safety on the road when visibility is poor. Like in the previous model, the Adjustable Heel Retention Device reinforces the spoiler and considerably improves the fit.

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