As the world celebrates International Women's Day, Sidi wants to say thank you to all the extraordinary female athletes who contribute to the world of motorcycling every day with their tireless passion and dedication. These boots are designed to deliver the best performance on any terrain thanks to a specific sole with a slimmer fit, specifically designed with women in mind. If the adrenaline of racing is vital, having the best possible support is beyond essential.  


Made of Technomicro microfiber and lined with Teflon mesh, the Vertigo 2 Lei are high-tech, durable and secure boots. Their closure is secured by the TECNO 3 IRON mechanism that adjusts the circumference of the calf with a strong steel wire that, passing through the upper, is fixed to the inner cable support. Speaking of protection, there are two interchangeable fiberglass-reinforced sliders that support the ankle, allowing for an excellent front-to-back flexing motion while still being firm side-to-side.  A polyurethane shell, attached to the boot by two screws that allow for 3mm of impact movement, and supports a shock-absorbing insert.  


While still on the subject of running boots, the Performer Lei definitely has something to say about comfort, style and breathability. Like almost all Sidi boots, they have Technomicro uppers and sport a minimalist design that makes them perfect off the track. These boots feature a contoured, fixed upper with lower air channels and a smooth heel cup for added grip on the bike. Additionally, the slider is replaceable and available in either full nylon, ceramic or aluminum inserts.


X-3 Lei is perfect to achieve high performances on the off road trails. Made in Technomicro with a rubber sole and cambrelle lining, these boots are designed with maximum protection and robustness in mind. They feature  four micro adjustable buckle closures, with indented memory-regulation straps, and hinged ankle support. 

For better racing performance and safety, the boots are equipped with the Flex System to make them even more flexible.

Last but not least, Lady Gavia Gore is the best choice for riders who enjoy going on incredible adventures and looking for breathtaking views. They are stylish, flexible and with enough built-in protective measures to meet the practical needs of touring enthusiasts and commuters. In fact, these boots feature a soft padded shin pad, PU ankle pad, and a rear reflective insert to improve visibility on the road. The closure is fastened by the convenient combination of Velcro and zipper. 

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