You can't change a winning product, and that's why Mag-1 and Rex, the two most competitive boots in the Sidi range, are and remain among the most sought-after by professionals and speed lovers.  


Designed to meet the needs of riders, they both have an essential and dynamic design that sums up the innovations developed by the company, during years of experience on the track, through the details and materials used. Although both boots present a simple look, they encompass a combination of unparalleled functionality, quality, resistance and comfort.


Among the aspects that the two models have in common is the upper, which is made of Technomicro, a composite microfibre produced with ultra-thin yarns that behaves like natural leather. This material offers a softer and lighter structure, is water-, abrasion- and tear-resistant, as well as being easy to clean and vegan. 


The closure is entrusted to the TECNO-3 rotor, but while Rex displays the Push model, Mag-1 uses the Magnetic version. The difference lies in the fact that the former has steel cables and a button that allows the lever to rise in order to increase the closing tension, ensuring an optimal fit. The latter, on the other hand, consists of three mechanisms that close by means of a magnet and a very strong steel wire. The result is an easy, fast and highly adjustable fit, thanks also to a micrometric strap that helps adjust the circumference of the cuff to suit the circumference of the calf.


In terms of colours Mag-1 prefers a Black-Black shade while its Air version - for those seeking ultra-lightness - sports a White-Black and a Fluo-Red-Black. Rex comes in Black-Black, Grey-Black, Fluo Red-Black, Grey-Black-Yellow Fluo and White-Black for the Air version - ultra-breathable with a perforated upper.

More features


REX Ankle support brace. Further supports the ankle by hooking onto the joint and is equipped with air intakes operated by an aerodynamic button. Spoiler. Ensures greater comfort to the calf thanks to the soft material used. Elastic panels. They allow a comfortable and fast fit by widening as the foot passes. Slider. Equipped with an air inlet, it helps gliding and is replaceable. Asymmetric heel. Provides greater grip and contact with the bike through a soft, fixed insert positioned on the inside of the ankle. Top sole. Made of rubber.

MAG-1 Ankle support brace. Replaceable polyurethane leg joined to the boot with two screws, one of which is used to fasten the millimetric adjustment strap. The beams, loaded with carbon fibre, form the frame of the boot and allow optimal bending movement. Replaceable front panel. Replaceable polyurethane front panel. Shaped joints. Padded joints designed to better support and envelop the instep, made of elastic material over injected with polyurethane. Asymmetrical and shock absorbing heel. Polyurethane shell, with shock absorbing insert, fixed to the boot with two screws that allow 3 mm of travel in case of impact. Top rubber sole. Upper lined with highly breathable air jersey, treated with Teflon protection

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