CROSSFIRE 3 SRS is undoubtedly Sidi's most creative boot. In fact, it offers the possibility to customize its style, making it easily matchable with the most extravagant outfits, thanks to its graphics and captivating design. 

Starting from today, the Crossfire 3 SRS is available in two new limited edition colors, black and gray, an absolute classy touch to this Sidi boot. The limited edition maintains the features that make this product performing, responsive and safe and, at the same time, light and comfortable.

Crossfire 3 SRS is chosen and worn by top riders such as Antonio Cairoli and Jorge Prado and it meets the most specific needs the riders might have thanks to some important technological details. The Hyper Extension Block is essential for the protection of the rider's ankle and tendons, while the Flex System improves the flexibility of the boot and the adjustment of the leg: Finally, the Adjustable Calf System allows you to widen the opening of the boot through simple and practical adjustments, ensuring a comfortable fit

Also, the leg of the boot is equipped with a replaceable internal muffler protection, made of PU and equipped with a molded rubber insert suitable to protect the leg from engine heat and wear.

The DOVETAIL SRS SOLE - also available for the enduro version - is removable and replaceable. It’s made with the aim of ensuring a perfect grip on the bike and on the ground, thus guaranteeing safety and comfort.

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