Five out of five races and two world titles in a row is the result of an athlete who can show incredible talent in every situation, such as winning by more than 10 seconds over fierce rivals, including teammate Colton Haaker.

"This has been a perfect season, and to end it with a hat-trick here in Riesa is great. I really enjoyed the weekend. After winning the title last night I was very relaxed and, I think, I finished with one of the best performances of the season.' says the new Superenduro World Champion.

Just 24 hours later the final round of the championship was heldat the same stadium in Riesa, and having to race in the opposite direction to Saturday certainly made things interesting and challenging, but it didn't change the outcome with Bolt attacking at the first corner to take the lead on lap five and win the second heat as well.

"The track was beautiful and I was feeling good, but I made a stupid mistake. Coming into the last round tied on points with Walker, I knew what I had to do. I tried hard but I couldn't do it. I should have won Race 3, but with Billy in such good shape it wasn't easy. I finished second, and took third in the championship. I had fun, and Husqvarna was fantastic. Congratulations to Billy for his incredible season" these are the words of Colton Haaker. 

 Next stop → FIM Hard Enduro Outdoor World Championship in Israel from 5th to 7th April.

To round off the successes of a motorsport-filled weekend, Jorge Prado finished third in the Argentina race, while Sonny Goggia won the European Open category championship.


Atojo - Billy Bolt

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The Crossfire 3 SRS - Colton Haaker, Jorge Prado, Sonny Goggia

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