White, gray and black are not primary colors but they certainly complement the vast line available for the Sidi Atojo SRS, the boot designed in collaboration with off-road champions Alessandro Lupino, Tony Cairol and Jorge Prado now available in a serene look in line with the autumnal atmosphere.

This innovative, high-performing and lightweight boot, launched about a year ago, includes all the features that a motocross shoe must provide. It is resistant, comfortable and produced with high quality materials capable of providing the rider maximum driving sensitivity, a necessary feature to achieve the perfect feeling with the bike.

Starting today this proven product in the Sidi house and available in five color variants, introduces a completely new, elegant and never banal style, while maintaining its intrinsic characteristics and high performance.

The uppers are produced in Technomicro, which is resistant to water, scuffing and tearing. It is also easy to care for and clean. The closure was designed to be effortless, with 3 levers that function independently from one another. Three pressure reducing systems contribute to guaranteeing comfort, in particular the one placed on the front which features an innovative mechanism that can adjust the range of pressure to the tibia and that will lock in case of excessive bending.  

Protection is ensured by a front panel in anatomically shaped PU, all the way up to the upper. There is also a removable nylon insert that covers the metatarsal. Furthermore, the toe is completely protected by a geometrically designed plastic covering that provides better grip.

Atojo means compulsive attention to details, typical of the Treviso-based company; innate talent coming from the three off-road professional riders who inspired and shaped this boot through significant feedback.  This incredibly high-performing off-road product is now available in white, gray and black.