After Alvaro Bautista’s extraordinary triumph in the Superbike World Championship, Sidi returns to relive the great emotions on track together with the rider, who visited the Maser headquarters yesterday. Alvaro signed the Mag-1, the boots that accompanied him during the Superbike races, now proposed in a new limited edition. A championship to be written in history, the one won by number 19 in the 2022 season, which turned out to be one of the most stellar of his career. 

"I am still processing the success that happened a few months ago. Sometimes it doesn't seem real. This new and beautiful colouring of the Mag-1 is a confirmation that it has indeed happened," smiles a satisfied Bautista. "There are so many emotions these days and now this recognition from Sidi is added to that, which makes me really proud. I have been wearing these boots practically forever - I don't even remember a specific date. I trust and rely on them totally. When I ride my motorbike I don't worry about them, Mag-1 are absolutely suited to my riding style: they allow me to feel the bike, they protect me and they fit perfectly. I don't think I could ask for anything more. Why buying the gold Limited Edition? Because it is absolutely beautiful!" he concludes. 

To celebrate this special success, Mag-1 are dyed gold in a Limited Edition that will enter the hearts of fans. This colouring recalls the atmosphere of the podiums and celebrations and gives these race boots an even more elegant and exclusive look. Not just footwear then, but a real object for the lovers of this sport and for anyone who wants to live a unique experience on the road or on the track.

The design is the same as always, responsive and refined, capable of synthesising all the innovations studied by the Treviso company, both in terms of materials and technical details. 

The upper is made of Technomicro, a composite microfibre created from ultra-thin threads that act like natural leather with the advantage of a softer and lighter structure. It is a new generation material that is resistant to water, abrasions and tears, as well as being easy to maintain. The interior is lined with highly breathable air jersey, treated with the protective Teflon.

The comfortable TECNO-3 Magnetic fastener consists of three mechanisms that close the boot via a magnet, using a very strong steel wire. This solution makes the fit easy, fast and highly adjustable.

The front is made of replaceable polyurethane, while the cuff is assembled to the boot with two screws, one positioned on the outer side under the closing mechanism, the other on the inner side acts on the millimetric adjustment of the strap. 

Flexion and total comfort are ensured by certain devices such as the joint on the malleolus, the micrometric strap that adjusts the circumference of the boot to fit the calf, and the padding of the front and rear joints made of elastic material overinjected with polyurethane.

The asymmetrical and shaped heel, on the other hand, ensures excellent protection through a removable insert that is equipped with a shock absorbing system in the external rear part, while it is softer in the internal part of the ankle to allow greater grip and contact with the bike.

The Mag-1 are not just boots but a concentrate of technology and innovation that, in a completely new guise, are ready and responsive to face a year of challenges and world-class excitement. This was also confirmed by the World Superbike champion.