One of the most exhilarating things in winter is enjoying the crisp air while pedaling in nature, without having to think about frost, drizzle or simply bad weather. 

Sidi has redesigned the Gore line shoes taking into account everything that is strictly essential during the cold season: warmth, protection, breathability, and waterproof comfort.

Both the road and MTB versions have an upper made of mesh and MicroTech Microfiber that guarantees lightness and stability with the interior lined in Gore-Tex® to prevent water from entering.

The two models include the Techno 3 mechanism with a sturdy and replaceable lever that allows you to close the shoe in its entire length, adapting the upper to the shape of the foot for an excellent personalized fit.

MTB Frost Gore, dedicated to the off-road world, is even lighter and more performing thanks to the new sole made of nylon with PU inserts. The shape of the inserts, especially designed to perform on all terrains, allows an excellent grip and provides the right stability, also facilitating the dispersion of mud. The central insert acts as an anti-slip, while the tip - which can be replaced with screws - always offers the possibility of mounting crampons to improve traction on particularly tricky terrain. Additional stability is offered by the reinforced heel that supports and reduces potential slippage.

The Zero Gore 2 version, suitable for road riders, is characterized by the redesigned Carbon Millennium 5 sole, made of nylon and loaded with carbon fiber. The fusion of these two elements makes it even more resistant by reducing any changes in the technical characteristics that normally occur following prolonged use and continuous change in temperatures. This version as well takes advantage of further stability guaranteed by the reinforced heel, which provides greater transfer power with a new ultra-light design.

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