The Sixties are making a major comeback, and stylish animal prints are hitting the fashion runways once again. Even the impeccable Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton, has been seen sporting these new designs. If tiger and zebra prints have become part of the mainstream, this season’s biggest trend will be python prints.

Eclectic snake patterns can completely revamp even the most sophisticated and elegant outfit. Following this new fashion, even the iconic Sidi Sixty shoe is changing its skin for a limited edition shoe featuring an entirely python print, dedicated to anyone who enjoys making a splash and is always looking for the most exclusive products.

However, the essence of Sidi’s new shoe hasn’t changed: it’s still light, performing, resistant and of course, comfortable. It features technology that is an incredible mix of iconic details and innovative solutions, like the 1988 Tecno-4 closure system that has been applied to all the most timeless models of the collection – like the Shot and the Wire 2 Carbon. This system offers incredible adjustment precision, plus lightness and comfort. 

The extra-light Vent Carbon sole was developed to maximize power transfer to the pedal and also to guarantee maximum resistance and breathability, even in the case of higher temperatures. The shoe is made with carbon fibres that give it the right proportions of controlled stiffness and flexibility in the toe, thus relieving stress to the plantar arch tendons and promoting proper circulation during exertion.

The Sixty shoe is made with environmentally friendly, cutting-edge materials, which provide the highest levels of aerodynamics and maximum performance.