The Mega models feature a modified fit to suit all requests.

According to his customers’ feedback, Sidi introduces the Mega fit available for Ergo 5, Dragon 5, Alba 2, and Trace 2 so as to respond to all cyclists' needs. This fit is specifically conceived for riders who have larger foot shape and high instep, or anyone who wants to ride in a less constricted way. 

This particular category has been specifically designed to satisfy those riders who are unable to accommodate their feet properly in a standard model, despite trying different sizes and using a special memory insole available in cases where a special support is needed.

The Mega shoes have 2 extra mm on each side, at the level of the metatarsal area. They are 6 mm larger than a normal shoe, yet keep the same volume and guarantee all the characteristics of a performing product. Mega simply means wider.

Consumers can distinguish a Mega shoe from a special icon while browsing the official website, and from the word MEGA applied on the four models when visiting a cycling shop. Both the icon and the inscription certify the fact that the fit is different from the normal one.  

More about the models:

Alba 2 and Trace 2, effective performances and affordable price.

The Sidi Alba 2 shoes offer quality and compactness at a small price. They are made with Politex, a material consisting of multiple layers with different physical-mechanical features combined with two fabrics, which provides resistance and durability. The Millennium 4 Carbon Composite sole is resistant and waterproof. The closure is ensured by two velcro straps and the strong TECNO-3 mechanism that allows to close the shoes along their entire length, adjusting the upper to the foot anatomy and providing the proper micro-adjustment. Trace 2 is the off-road version and it presents the same features with a specific sole, expressly shaped to guarantee great grip and high stability, facilitating mud dispersion. Made of nylon with TPU inserts, the MTB RS17 sole is the outcome of an optimal mix of stiffness for pedaling and ideal flex. 

Ergo 5 and Dragon 5, a great blend of lightness and durability. 

Ergo 5 is made with Microtech Microfibre, a light, breathable, water-resistant and eco-friendly material, ensuring comfort and lightness. The stiffness is guaranteed by the Twelve Carbon Composite sole, created with carbon fibre and nylon blended together. The closure is made up of the strong patented TECNO-3 mechanism combined with the Soft Instep Closure System-4, a soft strap that can be tightened on both sides to distribute pressure evenly over the instep area, thereby guaranteeing greater security. The Dragon 5 perfectly mirrors these characteristics of lightness and breathability but in the off-road version which features  the MTB SRS Carbon Composite sole composed of four inserts screwed, easily removable and replaceable.