Green like a spring morning to ride after a rainy night. Green like the hope that the kilometres on your bike will never end and green like the forests, meadows and valleys that you will ride through during your thousand adventures. 

Sidi has been inspired by this delicate shade of green, suitable for all outfits, giving a slightly retro and personal touch to the upper of the Sidi MTB Eagle 10. The Microtech Microfibre, treated with "Water-Tech" - without the use of solvents - is therefore proposed in a new Limited Edition version designed to accompany off-road adventures.

Comfortable and breathable, these shoes rely on Sidi patents such as the robust TECNO-3 and the SOFT INSTEP Closure System 4.

TECNO-3 ensures that the shoe closes along its entire length, adapting perfectly to the foot. The SOFT INSTEP Closure System - 4, on the other hand, is a soft, anatomical strap that can be adjusted on both sides to evenly distribute the pressure on the instep. 

The MTB RS17 sole, light and performing, combines rigidity, necessary for pedalling, and flexion, important for a comfortable ride. Its nylon composition, with PU inserts, ensures optimal air circulation and high stability, while the special shape facilitates mud shedding. The toe cap is replaceable and suitable for crampons to increase traction on treacherous terrain. 

The central inscription is made of non-slip material, an additional detail for a shoe suitable for both beginners and veterans alike. 

The Eagle 10 is the ideal product for rides in the great outdoors. Comfortable and stable, it guarantees excellent grip and protection on a wide variety of terrain. 

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