If a good day starts in the morning, Sidi's is completely rosy. Our Monday is atypical, as we are still excited about Egan Bernal’s stunning win and who today started wearing the Maglia Rosa. His incredible  action launched on Sunday's stage, with 600 meters to go, on a completely new finish on a dirt road surrounded by the Abruzzo hills, allowed him to win his first Grand Tour victory and the leader's jersey in one fell swoop. The young Colombian's emotional tears of joy closed seven incredible days, full of twists and turns and great moments of pride for having seen young Sidi athletes - such as Tagliani and Ponomar - protagonists of the day's breakaways. One week is behind us, another is about to begin and our riders tell the race from their own point of view.

Davide Formolo

Age: 28 years old

Team UAE Emirates

Shoe model: Shot 2

The Giro in three words?

Passion. Fatigue. Climb.

Is there a particular song that you listen to before the stage?

"They killed spider man" by 883

Do you have a lucky charm?

The photo of my little Chloe with my wife

Pello Bilbao

Age: 31 years old

Team Bahrain Victorious

Shoe model: Shot 2

What is your best memory of the Giro?

There have been many great experiences but the one I am for sure emotional about is undoubtedly the victory in L’Aquila, during the 2019 Giro. It was my first success in a Grand Tour. The feeling I felt is indescribable, It was that kind of happiness you feel when you finally achieve a goal that you have been pursuing for a long time. It’s crazy to think that all this happened exactly two years ago - on May 17th - and today we started from that same exact place that brought back so many memories to me.

Do you have a lucky charm?

No, I don't have one. But I always carry my pillow in my suitcase so I sleep as well as I do at home.

What comes to mind when we say  "Cima Coppi"?

Cima Coppi is the history of cycling. Coppi was a great myth and it is always important to remember the historical heritage we have. This is what makes a race like the Giro d'Italia great. We cyclists know that when we get to this point, it's probably going to be the hardest point to pass in the race, so it's always a very special gift to be able to conquer this coveted summit. It's like winning a stage, something exceptional.

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