Officially launched in mid-June and now catapulted onto the international stage, Sidi's new creation - Shot 2 DZero - is ready to accompany the athletes along the roads of the 109th edition of the Tour de France for the next three weeks.

The unique and innovative design of the DZero is particularly linked to the territory where Sidi was founded and expanded. On the occasion of the Tour de France, the new model will tell the charismatic personality of its founder, who inspired the design, across the border.

The main features of the Shot 2, the model to which champions entrust their sprints in the mountains, remain the integrated heel, the "Double Tecno3 Flex" rotor and the "C-BOOST SRS" sole in latest generation carbon. All aspects that make it high-performance when pushing, comfortable and elegant. The upper of the DZero model, on the other hand, gets a new look as it is projected towards the future in the direction of eco-sustainability thanks to the materials coming from the processing of industrial waste, and a coating produced with Bio based resins derived from cereals, with which it was made. The insole is also partly made of cotton and 95% recycled PU.

An authentic declaration of intent for a brand that has always been devoted to respectful development and anchored in the values - shared with cycling - of harmony and coexistence.  

Supporting and underlining the importance of a project as ambitious as it is imaginative will be the riders who will start on Friday, July 1st, from Copenhagen. The athletes will have the shoe available to tackle a 3,350.4 km route, 53 km of which are time trials and the remaining 3,275 km divided into: 6 flat stages, 7 medium mountain stages and 6 high mountain stages. 

A 21-stage, 24-day journey that passes through 3 nations to finish as usual in the marvellous setting of Paris. The perfect scenario to present to the world this novelty that marks an important new chapter for the iconic Maser company. 

For more information on the product Shot 2 DZero and MTB Tiger 2 DZero