The FAST 2 have been designed to meet the most demanding requirements in terms of comfort and to guarantee maximum pedalling efficiency. Particularly quick to put on, adjust and personalise, this model is absolutely efficient and particularly suitable for all situations. 

The new design with simple and clean lines makes the Fast 2 even more versatile and, like all Sidi shoes, it is made with the best materials on the market and assembled with interchangeable inserts. Basic factors to ensure a long product life.

The ultra-light Politex Matt upper completely surrounds the foot, giving it a soft feel, while protecting and supporting it like any quality cycling product. 

The adjustable closure also helps the shoe to fit your foot like a glove. Incredibly fast and precise, through the unique micro-adjustment along the entire length of the shoe, Fast 2 confirm its place among the products that are the result of a process spanning more than 60 years, whose primary goal is to provide the best feeling on the bike. 

An aerodynamic sole and a stable heel complete a model with a vocation for fast action. Through a careful use of nylon and carbon fibres, the sole is light and has a stiffness index of 5'', while at the same time guarantees optimal softness to further maximise comfort on the bike.

The heel, on the other hand, keeps the foot stable during activity thanks to an integrated structure hidden inside the shoe.

The minimalist look of the Fast 2 comes in anthracite/bronze, white/grey, grey/anthracite and black.