It’s Christmas despite everything. Mostly known as a religious holiday, Christmas also has a meaning of rebirth and now, more than ever, it would be nice to expect a change after these testing times. A change in the broadest sense of the term, including habits and values ​​that were so important once. This is why I would like to focus for a moment on some memories related to values. I don't think there is a better time to do so.


It is true that I have always been determined and stubborn. My mother, my sister and all the people who know me well can testify to this and have always told it to me. But I have also been a hard worker, all the time. I believed in what I was doing and I did it with enthusiasm and passion: I wanted to create something and, even if there were so many opportunities at that time, it was certainly not easy to face the difficulties that arose.

I am sure that, without my determination, I could not have created what I now proudly see around me, but I also know that, without the people who believed in me and helped me step by step, my dream would probably still be a dream. Of course, I have always been as good as my word and have always met the deadlines. I have never looked for shortcuts, it is not worth it. This is what I mean, solidarity, a sense of cooperation that sometimes I feel it lacks today, but in which I absolutely do not lose confidence. As I said it, I'm stubborn.

Among the many stories I could tell, I think this is the most suitable for the period. I remember that at the beginning of my adventure I needed some machinery and therefore I had to invest, but I did not have the required amount of money to pay everything immediately. So, I went to find potential suppliers, while I continued my travels in search of new customers. It was me and my Vespa. One evening, I thought I would never get back home. I was in Brunico, when I was surprised by a snowstorm. As I said, I did not have many financial resources, just enough to get the gasoline for my Vespa, nothing else. I absolutely had to get to Corvara; I didn't know how but I knew I had to do it. I got there, in miserable conditions, but I did and I started pushing my Vespa in the snowstorm towards Campolongo. At one point, a pickup truck, proceeding slowly through the blizzard, approached me, slowed down and asked me where I wanted to go. I said, 'Up to the top.’ And it happened - I was pulled up on the climb and I went down the descent in neutral so as not to consume any fuel. I arrived home frozen and strengthless.

I will never forget that day, not only for the effort of pushing the Vespa in the midst of the storm, but also for that lucky lift that always reminds me how important the spirit of solidarity is, even among strangers. A lesson that brings in a little of that famous magic, so necessary this Christmas.

Best wishes!

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