Ever since I was a little boy, I've always wanted to have a moped, but my parents didn't want to hear a thing about it. They were afraid, and I always begged my friends to let me drive theirs. Finally, when I was 16, after insisting over and again, I managed to get my own little 50cc and then I moved on to a 125cc motocross bike and finally a 600cc road motorbike! After several falls and breakages, I decided to ride exclusively on the track. I went on a circuit for the first time thanks to a buddy and I never quit it. I felt I was finally in my own world! 145 km was the distance between my home and the place I considered as a source of happiness: the Autodrome del Levante in Puglia. 

I bought a bike equipped for the track, a carburetor R6 motorcycle.... then a 1000cc, a 600cc and finally a 750cc. With the latter I participated in the Year 2015 Italian Amateur Trophy. Every race is a story to be told, but this one has remained indelibly in my memory. I and a mate set off by van to get to the race and I finished the championship 3rd overall, and first in the over 30s. To keep myself trained, I bought an Aprilia SXV 550 Motard and in the first competition I came first overall! Then I bought a 1983 bike - a Yamaha XJ 550 - completely transformed in Cafe Racer style. I love to ride it on Sundays with Gianpiero Di Vito’s motorbike club (before the pandemic outbreak). I also bought a 1996 RS125 bike, Max Biaggi's famous Chesterfield that I had wanted so much as a kid! Now it's in my garage, but every now and then I take it out for a spin, always on the track of course.

A few weeks ago, I took a TM 450 Motard bike again and I'll be doing a few FMI races in southern Italy because I’m missing racing too much. 

Fingers crossed, next year I'll sign up for some championships and, in the meantime, I'm renting what would be my sixth bike: a Yamaha YZF 450 motocross bike. Off-road is not my favourite discipline, but it is definitely a super workout!

In any case, the bike has been a great motivation for me and has taught me so much. I've worked hard, learned from my mistakes and even had some satisfaction! I am always looking for new challenges and this rekindles my inner fire. The adrenaline and the friendships made on the circuits feed the exciting stories between people who share the same passion.

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