The magic of the twelfth night and a cold run in the woods. 

This is the story of the morning when Jorge Prado realized he was born to ride a motorcycle. Nothing could make him happier.

It was the Three Kings' Day. I remember it because we were at my grandmother Esther, and my grandfather Ignacio's house in Lugo. I had just turned 3. Being born on the same day as the Twelfth Night has always been something magical to me. Lugo is located in the north of Spain and it is always very cold there, especially at Christmas time. That morning I went downstairs, as usual, to open the presents. My whole family was there and they still remember my satisfied gaze, the same you can see in this photo as well. 

I really wanted that gift so much because, even if I was just a child, I was already passionate about sports. My father has always ridden a motorcycle and, since I first saw him on the saddle, I started dreaming of riding together.

That day the dream came true. My mother dressed me up with a red coat to protect me from the cold. I had a feeling of total freedom. My father and I rode through the woods of my city together. It was exactly at that moment that I realized I was born to ride a motorcycle. Nothing could make me happier.

The rest of the family was waiting for us at lunch, but neither of us wanted to go back home: we were having so much fun that I kept asking my father to ride on and on a little longer to enjoy my first real day as a rider as much as possible.

When we got home we found chicken with baked potatoes, a Christmas tradition in our family, and I love the way my grandmother cooks it. I was so hungry that I filled my plate several times.

In the afternoon I went into the garden with my father to clean the bike for the next day, I played with my grandparents' dogs. Then, we had dinner and I kept wondering how long it would take before I could be back riding my new motorbike. It was something that made me totally happy, and I knew it was going to be the start of something big.

These are indelible memories, and this photo reminds me of the Twelfth Night, the whole family together and the cold walks outdoor. 

Union and sacrifice were the values that informed me as a rider years later. This is all I need to make my dreams come true.

Today, I look nostalgically at this photograph that my girlfriend once asked my grandmother to describe. I now share it here with the same emotion because, thanks to that gift, I am two times world champion today.

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