The bike for me has always represented a time for playing and for transport. Living in a small town in the Paduan countryside, I have always used it to get around and for leisure.

I remember that using a bike meant being independent, especially when I went to elementary school.

I often left home at a certain time, and with my mother I always fixed a time to come back, but in the end, not being bound to other means of transport and people, I did as I liked, almost always returning home later than the established time. I loved to roam!

Once on a Saturday afternoon I had to get a haircut, and the barbershop was more or less 5 km from home, but I remember that when I arrived I found it closed. I had arrived too early. So, I decided to go back and meet up with friends and play. I did so many things and spent so much time with them that afternoon that in the end I didn't go to the barbershop but went straight home, much later than the time I had agreed to with my mother. Result? An angry mom and a punishment. Yes, the bike before becoming part of my job was a means to play and then a means to move freely, without any constraints or restrictions, with only the desire to discover and explore.

Then, as the years went by, I had the good fortune to have a great example, my brother who was into cycling and I followed him and became passionate about it. First as a spectator at his races, then on television watching the grand tours and the Classics, and finally making it an integral part of my work, the triathlon.

Many years have passed but the love for cycling and the desire to discover something doesn't end, on the contrary, like the universe, it will continue to expand indefinitely.

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