The exuberance of the Crossfire 3 SRS is tinged with a particular and perfect combination of grey and red. If grey is known to be somewhere between black and white and synonymous with balance and calm, red is pure action and strong personality. 

Here, the solid structure of the boots takes on a sober and elegant tone while having technologies that ensure, through specially designed fastening systems and inserts, total safety for riders. 

The replaceable front, together with some details placed along the cuff, contrast with a bright red colour, which has always been a symbol of the Maser company, giving particular grit to one of the most appreciated boots in the motocross world and recently a major player in exciting battles, and incredible victories, at the feet of champions such as Jorge Prado.  

This new limited edition will be available at the best Sidi dealers.

Crossfire 3 SRS features

Crossfire 3 SRS responds to the most specific needs of the riders thanks to technological details such as Hyper Extension Block, which is crucial for the protection of the ankle and tendons of the pilots, the Flex System instead acts on the flexibility of the boot while the Adjustable Calf System adjusts the cuff and thus allows you to widen or narrow the opening of the boot through simple adjustments, ensuring a comfortable fit.

The boot cuff includes a replaceable PU inner boot guard plate with moulded rubber insert, which is responsible for protecting the leg from engine heat and also extends  the life of the boot and limits wear. 

The removable and replaceable DOVETAIL SOLE SRS - also available for enduro - is designed to ensure perfect grip on the bike and on the ground, thus guaranteeing safety and comfort. 

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