From the Moon to Mars, up to the first ever tourists in space: Sidi pays homage to the long and continually passionate space race with a new colour for the top of the range Shot 2 model inspired by interstellar travelling and the fascination of the skies’ immensity. 


The upper of the shoe, made of Microfibre TechPro - a light, water-repellent and eco-friendly material - is in a shade between light and iridescent blue, designed to give every cycling outfit a space boost.

Sidi Shot 2 features in brief.


SHOT 2 are high-performance shoes, characterized by a high yield in the pushing phase. Lightness, comfort and design are further improved compared to the previous Shot model.

The integrated heel is light and reinforced to prevent deformation after prolonged effort and pressure, while the new "C-BOOST SRS" sole, in latest generation carbon, features a special metatarsal area conformation that allows greater power transmission on the pedals.


The carbon parts most subject to deterioration are protected by special SRS inserts in Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane integrated with ventilation holes that favour breathability. The steel screws reduce wear and make the product more resistant to abrasion during walking. 


The shoe uses the "Double Tecno3 Flex" closure system to completely eliminate the pressure zone on the instep and considerably improve the sensation of closure. It is replaceable and guarantees micrometric adjustment and closure speed thanks to a rapid release of tension.

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