The favourite road shoes of climbers and Classics heroes are now available in a Limited Edition that combines anthracite grey with fiery red details and is added to the three continuous colours in which the model is offered: black, white, and glossy black-grey.

In Itten's wheel, grey comes from the overlapping of complementary colours and is therefore a neutral colour, with which it is rather difficult to make a mistake, while its countless shades make it particularly versatile. For this special edition, Sidi has designed an anthracite upper with almost chrome highlights, combined with red, an absolute leitmotif of the Maser company, which particularly highlights the logo and the back of the shoe.

A touch of elegance and character combined in a cornerstone of the Sidi collection, available in a limited number of units.

Sidi Shot 2 in a nutshell


SHOT 2 are high-performance shoes characterised by a great response in the pushing phase. Lightness, comfort, and design are further enhanced. The new integrated heel box is even lighter and reinforced so as to prevent any deformations after efforts and extended pressures. 


The new “C-BOOST SRS” sole made with state-of-the-art carbon is characterised by a special shape of the metatarsal area that allows for greater power transmission on the pedals. The carbon parts most inclined to deterioration are protected by special SRS inserts in Nylon and Thermoplastic Polyurethane integrated with ventilation holes to favour breathability. The steel screws reduce wear and tear and make the product more resistant to abrasion during walking. 


The shoes have the “Double Techno3 Flex” closure system to completely eliminate the area of pressure on the instep and greatly improve the sensation of closure. It is replaceable and guarantees micrometric adjustment and closure speed thanks to a quick release of tension.