'I am overjoyed and satisfied' is how Martina Berta defined herself after winning the Italian XCO Elite Championships in the Casies Valley. Like her, Titouan Carod, French national champion, Ondrej Cink, national champion of the Czech Republic and David Nordermann, Dutch national champion are equally as happy with their performance. 

Over the last few weekends many mountain bikers competed for the coveted national champion's jersey, and Sidi, thanks to the athletes it supports, has four of them to brag about. 

Each rider, with their own history and personality, will be called upon to wear their nation's jersey at all the races in the upcoming season, and the Treviso-based company is proud to share these sporting moments and the emotional journey that comes with them, fully embodying the fighting and determined spirit that this brand has always stood for . 

Drako 2 is the undisputed model chosen by the newly elected quartet for which we can point to at least 6 strong points starting with its  innovative and reliable closure system. 

The Soft Instep Closure System: a replaceable, shaped and anatomical strap, positioned on the instep, which allows even pressure distribution by adjusting on both sides, and the Tecno-3 Push System. The latter helps to close the shoe along its entire length by adapting the upper to the shape of the foot. Adjustable even while running by means of an innovative button, this special patented Sidi mechanism makes it possible to customise the fit thanks to micro-adjustment. The Single Tecno-3 Push, finally positioned in the centre, creates a perfect balance of tension between the inside and outside of the shoe. 

The back houses an adjustable heel by means of a mechanism that reinforces the spoiler and improves the fit by offering a secure and independent rear closure. A reinforced, anatomically moulded heel stabilises and supports the heel. It reduces slippage and provides greater transfer power. 

The anti-slip rubber toe protects against accidental impact or debris while the durable and long-lasting MTB SRS Carbon-Ground sole is made with replaceable inserts on the toe and heel, which are attached to a pure carbon sole. It is also equipped with a replaceable plate, designed to prevent damage to the sole caused by contact with the pedal. 

MTB Drako 2 guarantees high performance and is the ideal product for achieving great off-road goals.