My story with the bicycle began when I was eight years old. 

In Besano - my village in the province of Varese - there was a youth cycling team where I started for fun, like many others. 

Year after year, this game turned into a great dream: being able to compete in the Giro d'Italia once, the race of the heart for Italians. Actually, I didn’t only manage to take part in it, I also won it.  This sport has given me so much, including the chance to ride alongside Marco Pantani, one of the greatest riders in the history of cycling.

There wasn’t a moment that I realised I could become a professional cyclist. It happened day after day. There is no such thing as an instant but there were experiences that made me grow and made me understand that sacrifices can lead to great results.

Without doubt I must also thank my family for all the efforts made. Dad Camillo, mum Itala and my brother Marco, they have always been by my side and for me this has been fundamental. I certainly feel privileged because I have been able to pursue and achieve my dream. 

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