SIDI is identi ed as a STRONG and UNITED company founded on reliable VALUES. Our main objective has been focused on a continuous improvement of our range of products since 1960, working constantly to reduce our environmental impact.

For this reason we try to be free of many toxic substances, ship with reduced packaging and manufacture products using less materials.


MATERIAL USE: Year after year we have continued to pioneer new ways to build lighter weight products, using lighter sole and upper materials. This helps reduce emissions.

NON TOXIC SUBSTANCES: Our diligence in this area is continuing to lead the industry in reducing or eliminating environmentally damaging substan- ces as we did with lead and phthalate.

RESPONSIBLE MANUFACTURING: SIDI is committed to ensuring that working conditions are safe, workers are treated with respect and dignity and integrity and trust are at the forefront of our supplier relationships.


PACKAGING solutions are becoming more compact, lighter and less bulky, using recycled materials and ultimately reducing waste. More boxes t onto each shipping pallet, helping decrease emissions produced during transportation and warehousing..

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